Breaking Up with a True Love

Is like splitting the atom.

Our atomic weight was 11. We both held our own and tried to parallel or emulate each other out of respect. Then, one day, we ceased. That day turned into several months and then, wouldn’t ya know it, we split up. Two galactic molecules, once clinging together, suddenly could not hold on any longer.

We reflect. We think primarily about the negative *ions, then the positive ions. Then, we just simply either HURT or SKIP IN BLISS. Or both.

We ask ourselves true, honestly seeming questions, like “Maybe we were just not meant to be? Yeah, that’s it, we were just TOO DIFFERENT.

My ex hurts me with the kind of pain likened to that I imagine of a branding iron; burning it’s logo into your hind end. Only one other ex in my life did this number on me in the past, and she’s haunted me ever since. To this day, I shudder to admit. It’s like the smell of Fruit Loops never leaving your nostrils.

I identify as a chair…for the day. Just today. Tomorrow I’m a sea turtle. So, know that.

Me chilling in the middle of nowhere 😉

Oh and you’re welcome.