Crushed it 1/17/18 at Copyright Comedy!!!!

We had a HUGE crowd last night at Copyright Cocktail lounge and I am extremely humbled by the positive feedback from comics and the audience! When the music wasn’t working due to technical difficulties, I enjoyed singing “I will always love you” acapella style. MUAH!

See you next Wed with more hilarity!

Clay Newman



Sensational time last night at Copyright Comedy!!!!

Here’s the video from last night! #CopyrightComedy

Featuring Laura Quirk​, KC Scannell​, Jeen Yee​, Josh Moriarty Mesa​, Brenda Lamberty​, Roman Leo Comedian​, Zane Barrett​, Scott Rounds​, Hunter Uniacke​& Josh Holub​

So much fun!!!! See you next Wednesday!

Cher Love rocking it as “Som Khan Da Ho”

Shelbi Evans and her fantastic hair